Friday, November 15, 2013


I found my 2012 resolutions.

1. Ace my Degree  -Yeah I did
2. Graduate - With first class honours, nonetheless. Graduation for most parts is one of the scarred days in the history of my life, but sigh. It's okay.
3. Get a job as a writer at a magazine - not writer, but Journalist with NST! A little over a year now :)
4. Reach our two year mark on June 19th! -Hey look, the number 3.
5. More laughter and happy tears - laughter was there, but not more. Happy tears were non existent at all. Sad tears, always. 
6. Paris, Venezia, Greece, Spain, Stonehenge, Eiffel Tower, London Bridge, Madam Tussauds, Leaning Tower of Pisa - I'm sorry Greece and Spain, Pisa, you'll have to wait.
7. Buy you something from your wishlist - I don't remember lah.
8. Donate more - Maaf.
9. Swim, jog, badminton, for real this time. - I have a pool here but no time.
10. More reading, less internet - Everyday I read, but read paper lah.
11. Have a birthday cake with 23 candles (not necessarily on my birthday!)  - Thanks to Vanessa Gomes, Carleen Bastian, and Nicole Yeong :)
12. Continue to procrastinate less - Since there isn't much to procrastinate about last year...
13. More dresses and formal wear - Got bah
14. Reach 43kg  - 46 kg pun sudah sampai!!
15. Enjoy and live life
16. Go zumba at least once in my life
17. Polercise! Must try!
18. Do stretching everyday to increase flexibility
19. Penang Melaka Langkawi to purely have fun
20. Island trip (Tioman? Pangkor?) for real
21. Island trip to beloved Mamutik
22. Bake and cook more
23. Take more pictures

24. Spinner 360
25. Experience being in a club
26. Learn to do the typography animation thingy
27. Get the Joy Luck Club book
28. More boardgames to bring home
29. Self-teach French, Italian, German, and Cantonese. Or look for a class.
30. Dance.
31. More patience, kindness, love, and thoughtfulness
32. More usage of brain
33. Less letting PMS/hunger/emotions controlling me
34. Smile and embrace my teeth
35. Less cursing
36. Continue the effort to keep in touch with friends
37. Finish reading 12 books within the year
38. More karaoke!
39. Learn and own the ukelele
40. Make full use of my Uni
41. Master menggoreng ayam

42. Make hokey pokey really jadi
43. Really learn to make rendang (pay attention when mummy cooks it)
44. Get new camera body
45. Buy a 50mm lens before balik!

lazy to comment on the rest. ta.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thursday, September 26, 2013


Sometimes I think, why bother. 
Sometimes I let my mind wander off too much. 
It strays away. It gives dark and murky images. 
As much as I'd like to stay positive, at times, positive people need to take a break, too. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Selamat Malam

It's a wonder how things happen they way it does. 

With 88.9 on in the background. I will sleep tight. 

Good night. 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cabinet oh cabinet

Trial number 2. 

Gambar dilike selalu
Baiduri, di Shah Alam. Rindu? Kau bilang rindu. 
Makan-makan dan jalan-jalan sesuka hati. Tapi itu zaman muda mudi. Duit bukan duit sendiri. 
Stress, orang sana sini minta itu ini. 
Apa. Fikir saya robot? No no no. 
Kin Min is actually Maine Coon. 
The cat. The kind of cat. 
Headache throbbing adui. 
Apartment ka ni. No condo lama. 
Type type type tekan tekan tekan. 
Mummy papa rindu keluarga. 
Owww. Headacchhee. 
Pizza, one slice. Puked, almost. It was nice. Tuna. 
The rush gave me a good headache. It was painful. I wanted to vomit. Felt like i had too much coffee. Which I didnt. So it was weird. 
Still have a headache. 
My pinky is tired. 
Menteri dan timbalan timbalannya. 
USA. forget, jealousy, control, belated. 
It's just a birthday, i try to tell myself. 
But no. But sigh. 
I am mentally drained. Oh my. 
Itch. Rash. Itch cream. Rash cream. 
I'm making no sense but who ever said I was trying to make sense. 
Strong scent of softener on pillow is becoming a strong stench giving me worse headache. 
Kenapa saya begini ah?
Okay. Sleep. 


Monday, May 13, 2013

Cubaan untuk Tidur

I'm 24 now.
Kalau gatal tangan sendiri cari sakit.
Mau tidur tapi tia tau macam mana dan bagaimana but cannot tidur for now.
Oh rushing thoughts. They're coming back.
I haven't been drinking enough plain water.
Just too lazy to keep on peeing.
I feel like it's a dead end.
I wish there was something to look forward to.
I want to do things. Keep fit. Keep active.
Maybe a lifestyle change.
I wanna have fun.
I wanna go play kites and go on trips and go to playgrounds.
I wanna play rollerblades and cycle in the park and take silly pictures.
I wanna sing all my ill feelings away and do it for hours.
I wanna berendam in the pool and swim swim swim.
Islands. Blue sea. White sand. Pristine beach.
Sun tan. Lotion. Burnt.
Orange peel.
Fear. Medication.
Mourn. Sadness. Tears.
I am tears. Teary. Never ending.
La la la. Sing the song.
Piano ukelele violin guitar.
Vietnam Cambodia Thailand.
Krabi. Phi Phi. Koh Samui.
Island. Beach. Back to where we were.
Again. Repeat.
Slumber, sleep.
Payphone. Hash and star. Two together no use.
Type. Press. Copy cat.
Kittens, forever small are the cutest.
Non existant. Like money growing on trees.
Endless supply of ridiculous craziness and nothingness.
Where do I go? Two? Three years from now?
Run from the comfort of stability.
Adventure up Broga, mountains, hikes and yikes!
Wall climbing, maybe? Don't call me. Please.
Make up, fake up foundation or powder.
Red lips pink lips your image is power.
I keep seeing your face and your mind
I wish it was easy to erase. All the feelings i have. But even erasing takes time takes patience takes energy.
I can't.
Fly free. Like a bird. Fly high up in the sky.
Suddenly find chained to the ground. Immobile. Frozen. Down.
Wah poet sungguh rhyme rhyme.
Look at the time.
I did it again. Oops. Like Britney said.

Good night.

(This is a self experiment. To see what thoughts I have before I go to bed)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My first General Election


As a reporter for a mainstream newspaper, it gets very difficult, especially during the elections.

For one thing, you are expected to deliver and perform at a certain level.

Then, you have the fear of people throwing hateful comments at you because you are "mainstream media" and people blaming journalists for coming up with such one-sided reports.

Okay, look.

  1. Please understand that we are only doing what we are told to do, as instructed. It is only part of our jobs, and it does not necessarily reflect what our principles and beliefs are.
  2. Before you go on and start talking about journalists being hypocrites, do you know how hard it is for a job to come by these days? It's not easy to just pack up your things and leave, you know. Yes of course there is that question of integrity and dignity. But there is also the question of responsibility and the need to simply SURVIVE. 
  3. If you have read, and studied, "freedom of media" is so rare nowadays. There is, however, "media ownership". Which means, any media, print, electronic, or new media, has its owners. Ya, memang mainstream media belongs to the government and it's slanted to the government. But alternative media, isn't it slanted to one side too?
  4. If you think that mainstream media is biased, the best way is to take everything from both sides  and make an informed conclusion of everything, no?
During my final interview I had before I was hired, one of the bosses reminded me who the paper belonged to. I told him that I knew.

I know what I'm getting into. I realise who and what I work for. It's just not nice for people to be blaming us working in mainstream media because this is just what we do, you know?


Yes. I see and understand how people are upset with last weekend's election outcome.

It's not easy accepting defeat, and it's not easy to be the one being blamed for the defeat.
It's not easy being blamed and being the centre of hatred.

I am for free and fair elections as well. I am for a better country, a better future for my generation and the generations after us.

But why all the hate and anger?

And I'm saying this to everyone, regardless of creed.

It's not nice to accuse someone of lying and cheating. Fitnah namanya.
It's not nice to come up with racial slurs. Racist namanya.
It's not nice to call people names and be cussing. Rude namanya.
It's not nice to be threatening people and wishing they were dead. Now that's just being mean.

We are just too complex a nation. There are so many folds and layers in us that it's very easy to hurt someone even with the simplest statement.

 If everyone would just calm down, and don't be consumed by anger, emotions and hatred, I'm very sure that we would be able to come up with a better solution for the situation.

Breathe ba breathe. Tarik nafas, hembus nafas. Kap hei, fu hei. 

Ala, macam bersatu kita teguh, bercerai kita roboh. Something like that ba, you know.

We have to move forward, and discuss with an open mind. Not easy, yes, I know. But there's no harm in trying.

Ya. Saya memang anak Malaysia. Kita semua anak Malaysia. That is exactly why we should not let Malaysia turn into this darkness we're bringing it into.

Rise, my fellow Malaysians. Come la ba we work sama-sama, fikir cara-cara to be a better Malaysia. We are a beautiful country with beautiful people. Don't let emotions take the best of us.

I have the confidence in Malaysia. I have the confidence that we will go back to our happy sun-shiny days.

Here's to better days. Let's be kinder, okay?

<3 br="">

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Always a Wednesday

Maybe, too afraid.

Or. I don't know... No. It's just the afraid.

Actually exactly like the title of LeeSsang's song, "The Girl Who Can't Break Up, The Boy Who Can't leave."

Eh. So emo.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Gearing up

Who knew.

Having a head-aching time trying to extract numbers out of the manifesto.


Saturday, February 16, 2013


It's not something that I'd ever expected to happen.
Nobody wishes for it to happen.
Nobody wants it to happen.

But the disappointment isn't from the "happening".

It came from the failure of being able to see how much it worries me and how much I'm scared.

Has it been that bad all this while, until this has come to be what it had become? How could those words and phrases be uttered?

And the question is, am I that bad?

Saya disappointed.

Tapi saya sabar. If one day it comes to realisation, i would expect a sincere, true, and heartfelt apology. But for now, I, apologise for my flaws.

And you are forgiven.

Friday, January 18, 2013

"That time of the month"

I don't understand. Apa bezanya you and me? Every month dua-dua sama saja perangai. But yet why do I feel like I'm the ungrateful bitch?

Bukan selalu ba saya begitu. No patience sudah?

Why is it okay for you to do it but not me? Why can't I question it? Why why why?

Sunday, January 13, 2013


How do I put to words what I feel. What my thoughts are.

I want to do one thing but I'm not sure if I can handle what comes with (or without) it.

I've head so much in my mind lately, I just don't know how to say it. It's all jumbled up and mixed up and un-teratur.

Maybe I know what I want. But I'm just in denial. And I'm just too afraid.

How do I be brave? How do I separate my heart from my mind?

The more I grow older the more I think I need a change.

I must not be lazy. I must not be a pushover. I must smile and laugh more. I must learn not to use my emotions too much.

So many things to learn to do.
But what guarantee do I have that I'll actually do it?

Nope. None. I have no guarantee. No agreement for me to sign except a promise to myself - a promise which can be broken at any time. I have no guarantee.

Sometimes I think there's really no way to do things unless you really truly and absolutely want to.

I really want to. But I'm not willing. Yet.