Monday, October 26, 2009

Letter to a Superstar

Dear Beyonce a.k.a Sasha Fierce a.k.a pengancel concert,

Oh, we are so disappointed that you decided to postpone (more like cancel) your concert in KL for the 2nd time. Why?
Is it because of the protests? Well I protest the protest and protesters because its plain ridiculous. Might as well protest TV and Internet. And oh don't forget to protest sexy clothes.
Are you afraid for your safety? Sigh, I understand it must be hard for you to go to an Asian country that (for the past months) have had natural disasters and bombings bla bla bla. But Malaysia teda bah (doesn't have those). At least I think we don't. You don't have to stay long if you're that scared, fly in for the concert the same day and fly out the same night for all we care.
Would've been great to see you rock out that night. But OH WELL.


Monday, October 19, 2009


I have delayed long enough the uploading of many many pictures to Facebook. Nanti lah.

Ui, hari tu we (Ally Zetty Aeti Nadia and I) went all the way to Sime Darby's Planters' Haven at Nilai. Yang tempat yang dekat sama Ally punya kampung. Memang dekat sangat. Should've went beraya tapi no one was home :(

Anywho, so itulah yet another adventure for us going all the way there for not suka-suka, but for Copywriting assignment. Memang sangat fresh la udara sana, apa inda, pokok hutan daun maun meng-surround you. It was really impressive except for the Dock of Death, that Nadia nearly jatuh from walking on the mushroomy thing.

Planters' Haven punya rumah-rumah kan, makes you wanna have one of your own. Tapi price dia whoooooooiiii~ Dunno bila la baru boleh bayar habis that. But really nice la. Sempat again we all play tapuk-tapuk at one of the showhouse (showroom?). Kebudak-budakan, I know, tapi berla ba! Siuk ba. Bukan selalu kan kan kaaan?

Have yet to see the outcome of it. But I'm sure it'll turn out grrrreeat! Haha.

Next-next week is my exam! Final exam of my diploma! Wah! I'm excited! Very looking forward to the coming challenges. But...I'm so unprepared.

Okay sidetrack! I've been thinking a lot in the shower lately - as Reggie used to say, the shower is the best place to think - and you know what (say: what?)

We're all the same

Well not maybe totally one hundred percently the same la, but ya, we are. Think about it. You say you don't like people talking bad about you, but I'm pretty sure a lot of us do the same, no? You say you don't like two-faced people, but there must be a time in your life when you did it any other way.

We're all the same. You, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, youyouyouyouuuuuuu, me. Sama only ba we all. Cuba you fikir. Fikir betul-betul.

I'll admit. I've said bad things about people I know. Told stories. But so have you. And you. And you. See? Sama ja ba :)

So...we're all even. But tiapa bah. We're also the same in a sense that we learn to forget. And eventually (and hopefully) forgive.

Astaga Pika, Shafa, remember ka the time when we were in...form 2 I think? When the new Pepsi Blue just came out. Sebab mau try it sangat, we came early to school when we were actually in the afternoon session. And walked to Karamunsing. Karamunsing isn't as near as walking from rumah Tg. Aru to Pekan Tg. Aru okay! Sanggup ba duduk di tepi tepi tunggu kedai buka. Hping that every person that passed by had the keys to the shop. We saw this guy carrying it in his hand and drinking it as he was exiting one kedai. Then we excited la to go in and see...

Sia-sia perjalanan, Pepsi Blue tiada. "Belum sampai," itu aunty bilang.

That was 6 years ago. Sigh, how time flies.

p/s: I miss you. So terribly.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I miss blogging but I truly truly don't have the time.
...But I probably can spare 10 minutes here right?

I miss raya food.

October 25th, I'm waiting for youuuuuu! *excited*

Okay back to doing my assignment ;) babai!