Tuesday, August 3, 2010

You are Twenty-One!


(I'm sorry I couldn't find a nicer Green!)

I'll never forget:

  1. The day you fell down on the ground just to get mee hoon from me! Ketawa me satu orang kalau ingat balik. Hahaha!
  2. The first time I went shopping with you and you laughed at all my choices! How dare you!
  3. The day we had accident on the way to 1Utama. Tulah, gatal mau jalan-jalan during exam.
  4. The time you were staring at Lisa and Rachel.
  5. That your favourite colour is Green!
  6. That you HATE tuna. Just like Bimbo.
  7. Your senyum biut! Muahaha!
  8. That you like to say "That's what you call loooooooove, Hana"
  9. That you're a great friend (and more)
  10. Your BIG LOUD HAPPY FULL laugh. Kalau dengar seja "Ally la tu".
  11. July 19th!
  12. The Eyemo incident hahaha!
  13. The way you can suddenly terdiam.
  14. That time that you apologized for being noisy, but couldn't stop explaining yourself.
  15. The way you boleh tukar-tukar style bercakap - depending who you're with.
  16. Your last birthday celebration last year.
  17. When I was walking to the car exactly a year ago and you say my perut buncit!
  18. You like eating at Cozy Corner.
  19. That you think berbuka puasa di Chili's is kafir. Fine, you pick a place!
  20. How you're scared to drive.
  21. Your birthday is on August the third!
Zaman Batu. Your hair and mine still short!

You do not look fat!

Though you've to spend your birthday going to class, berkawad kaki, sakit badan, sakit kaki... I hope you have a greeaaatt day nonetheless.

May He shower you with good health, wealth, joy, happiness, success, laughter, happy tears, confidence, love (and plenty of it), more imaginations, more power, fun, more trips to Penang, a trip to KK (or TRIPS to KK), and plenty of sunshine and smiles.

You'll grow to be who you want to be, and you'll be the best. Trust me!

Here's to you.
Happy 21st Birthday Ally!
I love you!

Hana yang sexy and hot :D

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Cammie, i curi-ed from Facebook okee? hehe.

When's our next dancing session? Same place same time this coming week?

"Never felt happier to say hi." :)