Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy Friday!

Okay, I promised I would after my birthday. Sorry for not being more enthusiastic about it. Ngeh. :P

1. I had a great birthday day. Tho no fanciful parties or super big presents, I felt the love of any 21-year-old could ever ask for!

  • Greeted with a HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOOOUU from mummy awal pagi pukul 7. Once she was done singing she said "Okay mari pigi tamu!". Gawwwd. But it's okay. :)
  • at 10-ish I unfortunately picked up a phone call (calling the house) which sounded really familiar. The voice was saying "Hello?" I said, "Hello?" and she said "Hello?" I said, "Ya?" then *hang up*
  • I checked the caller ID had the number 016-8*****9. Which I was confused by because I really know the number. Then I called again and a guy answered "Hello? Di mana ni?" I said, "Di Tanjung Aru, siapa ni?" he said "Oh sorry sala number"
  • I almost believed??
  • And just as I was about to text the person who called earlier I saw a red car pass. Then the red car kunun mau park di rumah sebelah tapi I was curious so I went outside to look cause the car is a very familiar looking car you see.
  • And TADA! Just as they were about to keluar from the krita I saw Pika's (pula) surprised face that their surprise tidak jadi! Haha!
  • Thara came out the car together with Pika carrying a cake and one party hat singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOOOOUUU aww you two so sweet <3
  • Then we had my first 21st Birthday cake together! Yummm!
Pictures to be uploaded soon! Especially of one with patung tudung!
Off to Ip Man 2 with the familia!

(I belum watch Ip Man 1, how?)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hi SuperGirl

I promise with my coming of age 21st anniversary of my kelahiran tomorrow:

I will blog more!

You just wait.

Happy 21st Birthday to me! Yay!