Saturday, July 31, 2010

I'm Cute?! Aww thanks!

Ba ya la, muntah la kalau you rasa have to :P

::Apa nama blog kamu dan kenapa letak nama tu?
SuperGirl! Sebab. "I'm SuperGirl, and I'm here to save the world, and I wanna know, who's gonna save me!" Okay la, that song inspired me (cheh mau juga inspired) to name it SuperGirl. I'm a girl, and I'm super. Woohoo! Hehe.
::Bila blog anda mula beroperasi?
Do you really expect me to find out? Haha. Erm late 2008 I think. Well before this I was at Xanga

::Siapa follower pertama anda?
Oh can check ka? Haha.
::Ucapan kepada pemberi award
Dear Magnut, Thank you! Hehe. With love, Hanyut. Hahaha. Thanks Mag! Bila lagi kita mau pigi makan malam yang service dia bagus sikit?
::Tag 9 orang yang anda rasa patut dapat award ni
To ALL bloggers cause people who blog all are cute people. Mmkay. Okay. Malas ba mau tag orang sebenarnya, so if you think YOUR blog is CUTE? Then... nah! *gives you award*



Hari tu kan, the ladies of the house kena suruh "clean up the attic". Dengan malasnya woke up early and went upstairs. I have to say, it was quite enjoyable. Had boxes and boxes of old stuff. I found:

  1. Plenty of buku latihan, which...byk homework tia kasi siap! Haha. Biasa lah, malas.
  2. Buku nota matematik si WLL! Yai maths pun mau buku nota. Oh ini buku nota selalu updated aa. Si WLL bising ba nanti
  3. Kertas-kertas exam! All my birthdays always during exams. And I saw my markah-markah. Dui dogo.
  4. My English essay for exam entitled "She Cried at Number Five", which I must put it up one day.
  5. Untouched revision books. Heh. Like clean berabis. Tullis nama pun tiada.
And a "comic book" which I made in the year 1999. I was what, 10? Had very ugly handwriting and my drawing macam bodoh only (wait till you see Grandma). But punya la I ketawa. It's pretty embarrassing but what the hell. I thought I'd make someone laugh juga. 

Comic Book.
Little red black oops I meant red riding hood

Grandpa: Once upon a time, there was a girl called Little Yellow Riding Hood
Girl: No! Red Riding Hood

okay bidanya lukisan macam mau mati only

Grandpa: Oh yes; of course, Red Riding Hood. Well, one day her mother called and said "Little Green Riding Hood--"
Little Red Riding Hood (LRRH): RED!
*cancel cancel cancel*

Mother: Sorry! Red. Now my child, go to Aunt Mary and take her these potatoes.
LRRH: NO! It doesn't go like that. Go to Grandma and take her these cakes!
Grandpa: All right. So the little girl went off and she met a girraffe,

1. Mother was apparently only wearing panties
2. The cakes look like sandcastles yang hampir roboh.
3. I spelled giraffe wrongly! Bahaha!
4. My girraffe/giraffe looks evil and only has 3 kaki!

Girl: What a mess you're making of it! It was a wolf!!
Grandpa: And the wolf said
Wolf: What's 6X8?

1. Garangnya the cucu with the Grandpa
2. My wolf. WTF.
3. Funny kan! Haha. Kay. Sorry.

LRRH: No! No! The wolf asked her where she was going.
Grandpa: And so he did. And Little Green Riding Hood said--
Girl: Red! Red! RED! *kembang marah*

Grandpa: She replied *lukis arrow*
LRRH: I'm going to buy some tomatoes from the market.
LRRH: No, She said I'm going to my grandma's house. I'm lost.

Makin lama makin bida si Red. Buat speech bubble pun alang-alang punya size.

Grandpa: Of course, and the horse said, --
LRRH: What horse? It was a wolf!
Wolf: Take the 75 bus, get out at the main square, turn right and first dorway at the first doorway, you will find three steps...

Oh kuda, sorry I dunno how to lukis horse.
And as you can see, ketara malas sudah mau melukis. Wolf punya kaki entah like what.

Wolf: Leave the steps where they are, but pick up the coin you'll find lying on them, and buy yourself a packet of chewing gum.

WOLF TIADA HIDUNG! And got bibir? Huh?

LRRH: Grandpa, you're terrible!
GRANDMA!!!: But all the same, I wouldn't mind some chewing gum.

Grandma looks like a zombie, jari tia cukup, WHAT THE FISH are those curly little things on her head, hidung scary, and she looks like she's sewn to her baju.

So yeah.
See, kici kici pun pandai merepek sudah. So memang we can ba merepek together if you want.
Funny ka?
I thought it was pretty clever of me :p
Bah... What do you expect kan, I was only 10! Ten! Minta maaf la tulisan and lukisan tu terlalu lah bida. I pun tia sanggup mau tingu! 

Check out A.D.D's Usher Medley Cover! Probably not the best tapi vocalist punya suara OH MYYY. Jatuh cinta! Dengan suara seja. Muka dia tia clear. Hahaha.

Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

SuperGirl and her Toy Camera

Rungus/Kadus Handicrafts near bridge walkway at Segama

Thara and Grace during the mini reunion

Mummy and her funny face! Heehee! And the very wangi bunga she said to "ambil gambar dari bawah"

All taken with love using the Golden Half Chelsea Maika edition + Holga 12s colour flash. Heh. Ya, memang kebaruan pun. Jadi, kenapa lah? :)

Still trying to figure out how dark is too dark for the camera. But anticipating the results is exciting.

Nah, Ally, you wanted to see pictures kan?

SuperGirl is happy :]

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Don't Mind Me

Currently listening to: Rihanna - Wait Your Turn

Mau juga kan put currently listening to. Minta puji betul. Haha!

Kau tingu ni budak. Orang busy talking on the phone!

I feel miserable! Macam perempuan pregnant suda cukup nine months tapi baby belum keluar keluar. It's almost that case, 'cept it's my period. I KNOW it's coming. TAPI MANA KAU?! 

Btw, have you girls noticed how many potential "babies" you've let your pads serap? (okay eww)

I've "thrown away" 96 eggs. Assuming there aren't any missed periods.

Okay, why am I talking about this again?


I'm tired of
  1. Kena suruh-suruh. Is there no such thing as PLEASE anymore?
  2. All the tahi kucing on the driveway. Damn you kucing sebelah.
  3. My late period
  4. Craving for Yogurberry and ice cream oh myyy.
  5. The hujan petang-petang. Cause I want Tanjung Aru's sunset!
  6. Bimbo's minta puji-ing tia mau makan n pilih makanan! BIMBO!! (I still love you)
  7. The ituuuu seja shows on Fox
  8. Cooking! Everyday! (If only they'll accept nasi and telur dadar haha!)
  9. Waiting for August to come!
  10. Being tired. Bleugh.
I want my own Minion. I'll name it... Steve.

By far the cutest movie. Hahaha! Because of the Minions.

Three blind mice! Thara paling ngam, Cammie mabuk, I'm a happy blind mouse

I love you my Melalak Buddies!

Okay, till next time!

You're damn right it's the perfect crime! 

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Okay, fine.

Satu satu team yang I was hoping to succeed selowwwlee saying goodbye. (Did I curse them or something?)

Four must be Germany's favourite number or something.

But oh well, now, GERMANY FOR THE WORLD CUP!

Sorry Messi :(

Muka yang very cute. Haha! Picture from Topnews.

Tadi mau blog pasal something. Tapi. Lupa sudah. Plus. It's time for 12-5! ;)