Friday, May 22, 2009

Ten Ten Ten!

You know that joke that goes...

A: What's ten plus ten plus ten?
B: Errrrrr. No.

Ala, make la any tune yang has only three notes. So hard to explain. Hahaha.

It's ALMOST FOUR. And I cannot seem to get any shuteye. Mau tiduuuurrr. Tapi banyak seja dalam fikiran. I am now...


Imagine me, tiarap-ing on my bed in that exact same position, with those panda eyes (not that hitam la, obviously)  plus my laptop and banyak wires2 di sekeliling. Dui dogo.

Classes have already (well sorta) began this week, and I can tell you that I am really looking forward for it to finish. Assignments are scary as hell and I am takut!

Okay, so I have a few things to say about a few people, but I can't mention names (so if you tearasa or terkembang, sorry or you're welcome lah) but I just really want to say! Childish? Berla.

YOU #1
I DON'T KNOW WHY I PUT YOU NUMBER ONE. There are already 2 people I see now and then that reminds me of you - a guy (ponds) and a girl. SAMA betul this your rupa. Kadang-kadang bikin sakit hati juga la. Tapi kalau I tingu the guy mau seja I ketawa. HAHA. Sama o. I actually hope that you're reading, then you'll go look for this guy I'm talking about, and COMPARE. He's sometimes working at Burger King 1Utama yang on the 2nd floor, but he's also working at Celebrity Fitness. Pigi la cari. Here's a clue, your name has the letter 'A'

YOU #2
You're number two not cause you're second best. Because... I also don't know why. Haha. I just wanna say to you that you've put me through so many emotional roller coaster rides, that I think I'm beginning to be immune to, but I really want to thank you. For being there when I needed you. Muah muah I love You. Here's a clue, your name has the letter 'A'.

YOU #3
I miss you. When are we both free to just meet and talk? And meluahkan all the perasaan. And all the stories that we've longed to share. Hahaahahahaaa. Here's a clue, your name has the letter 'A'.

YOU #4
Should I tell you? I have something that I think I want to tell you but I don't know if I should. Should I? Let me know. Okay? Haha. Here's a clue, your name definitely has the letter 'A'.

YOU #5 & #6
I wish I could turn back time whenever I think of the both of you. Change things. Mend things. Relive the silly days. Sayang kan? Hmm. Here's a clue, both your names has the letter 'A'.

YOU #7
No matter what happens you're my best friend now sampai forever. I love you! You also have the letter 'A'.

YOU #8
What ever happened? I just don't know how and why we ever stopped talking on the phone like we used to, you and your complains and what-nots, this guy la, that guy la. Haha. Mana pergi those days yang I watched you shop while I window shop. You taught me to window shop. Those days when I just pour ALL my isi hati to you and you would only say "relax la..." and give a good hug and I'll be feeling okay. Sigh. Here's a clue, your name has the letter 'A'.

YOU #9
I miss hanging around you! I've hung around you so much before and during my holidays I miss your kegilaan and your sot-ness. I think this one should be obvious. Your name has the letter 'A'.

YOU #10
Cakes. Cakes. Cakes. Cakes. Okay duu? Bah ya la. You seja yang tau ni bahasa. I miss you! Still waiting for pizza rendang okay. Puasa and Raya tidak lama lagi ni! 'A' is your name.

YOU #11
EEEEE! Ko kan, pandai cakap seja. Sometimes so melebih-lebih. And irresponsible. Bikin geram la juga you this kadang-kadang, tapi apa boleh buat la kan. I've to live with it till I don't have to. Ya, 'A' is in your name.


I. Must. Sleep.
Thank you blog for friend-ing me.

Goodmorning. Mati la mau bangun ni.

Oh wait, one question , answer if you may, it's just for fun okay!

"If you could culik any celebrity/well-known figure, who would it be, why, and what ransom would you ask for?"
I said Oprah Winfrey. Cause it's OPRAH. Oprah is loved by so many. Imagine the kemarahan.I'd ask for her share of Harpo as a ransom. Hahaha. I'm not saying that I will culik okay I like Oprah, and this is just for fun seja! Don't tangkap me pulis! I won't kidnap Oprah!

I'm too tiny :(

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cough cough

You are not going to ruin my day cough! Stay awaaaay *drinks ubat batuk yang sangat tidak sedap* Blek!

Pertama-tama sekali, thanks Mel for lending me broadband. I am so Internet deprived. Haaahaaa.

Somebody's cooking something and it smellz gooood. I long for home-cooked meals. Haven't had enough of it when I was back home, oh wanginya siapa yang masak ni? Mintaaaa.

Okay remember how much I've been wanting to upload pictures? I want to, but I'm just terribly MALAS. Cause I'm already comfortably on my bed, too lazy to get up. Besides, I've gotta clean up my hard disk before transferring it to my lappie.


Yesterday I turned 20.

Woke up dark and early (too early, it was still dark, so ya) I went to KJ LRT, took the packed LRT without seats to Sentral, had breakfast, waited for the car, then off we went to UM hospital. Was there for about 2 hours plus, we had masks on (and looked like silly ninjas) but oh well I don't know you anyway plus you won't even remember me.

Gosh I wish they would do something about UM. It's just too packed!

After that we went for a short toilet break at Sut's place - I don't think you would want to enter UM's "AWAM" toilet. It reeked.

I caught a bit of Gulong Ng Palad, which by the way I'll be tuning in to from now onwards. THANK YOU TV 2 FOR THIS. I'm certain I've seen it before, but I just couldn't remember how the story went.

After that and having to decline Auntie's offer for hot tea we left for One Utama!

I contemplated and Chili's was my definite choice. Probably I was being too tamak, I ordered Tostadas Chips, and Triple Play, and Mushroom Jack Fajitas! Minta puji kan? Hey, but I only asked for warm water. Haha.

As I said, I was being too tamak, I couldn't finish it, but it's okay ba, can tapau kan. We sorta kinda buyuk-ed, the chicken for the Mushroom Jack Fajitas was partly raw. So we ate all that we could, then returned it to them and we got it free! At the end of the meal, what would've been a lunch that would've cost RM 100, cost only RM50.50. Yay for savings! Hahaha.

Before the lunch finished, I wanted dessert. After lunch...Well there wasn't much room left. So dessert waits till Friday! Oh I want Delicious' Chocolate Sundae it's just so chocolicious!!

Then I went home, fell asleep cause of the ubat batuk yang tidak sedap, then Mel called and told me not to sleep. But I can't help it! I went back to sleep then suddenly!

Mel was already on my back telling me to wake up. I slowly did. She took quite a while to start, but I had my first cake and blew my four candles. Yay!

Then after sesi tengok Biggest Loser finale and picit blackhead, came another surprise (well, almost). So long oh if mau cerita here. Haha. But anywho, I had my cake - although not bigger than the moon - with 20 candles on it, just like I wanted :) YAY!

Thank you you two, muah muah muah!

Can't wait to see Reggie for my delayed birthday hug!

Thank you all for your birthday wishes through SMS, Facebook, phone calls.

Thank you Mummy and Papa for semuaaaa and for being patient with m for TWENTY years (and counting)

Thank you adik-beradik, I know you people LOVE me.

and thank YOU, for making it happen, for giving me the 20 years that I have now. 

Nazie d Twenty and 1 Hari.

Happy Birthday ME!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My 2nd Cake!

Even though surprise tia jadi, but thanks anyway Sutziees!

Is it cheesecake season or something?

Hana d Twenty.

My first 20th cake!

Yum yum yum! Thanks mel! It's umm uh a layer tiered cake that's umm err special.

4 candles = 20 years. I'm thinking young.

Nazie d Twenty

I am not a teen!

Last picture of being 19!

Happy birthday to meeee! And Jane and Ally!

I've no internet access so im blogging with my phone. But its all good :)

Happy 20th birthday SuperGirl!

Nazie d Twenty.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hungry at 12

It's not unusual. Especially if you're me.

I want to go kite flying! Though I suck at it, at least this picture I took came out pretty :)

By the by the by the way, I'm home. And it's all good. It'll just keep getting better. Minus the flu and the itchy eyes. And the sore throat.

I have got to make it a point to do these things before I leave home sweet home. (There's no place like home, there's no place like home)
  1. Alter my seluars
  2. Upload pictures
  3. Cut my hair. No, trim. Yes, trim.
  4. Download as much SWNW and PSY. Harharhar.
  5. Finish downloading at least 3 movies.
  6. Get more games to survive the next semester.
  7. Take pictures like I'll never take again.
  8. Go to my beautiful Tanjung Aru Beach for a beautiful sunset.
  9. Buy empty DVDs. (adui kesian ba teda EHDD)
  10. EAT like tomorrow I'm gonna starve. I want ngau chap and soto Happy. And satay and ayam and lekor and jagung and pizza and lasagna and spaghetti and sushi. Mummy. Please? :D godoot? Mangkali la.
  11. Contemplate on a broadband plan. I could really use it.
  12. Enjoy myself so much that the happiness will last throughout the whole month of May. That depressing ka going back? Haha.
  13. Drink plenty of water.
  14. Izzy!
  15. Bimboooo!
  16. Go for that island trip. Ahh~ Bliss~
  17. Enjoy my remaining TEEN days. Grrr.
Which brings me to this...

I'll be 20 in 7 Days!!

Oh. Bye bye 1 in front. Not a big deal you say? BIG DEAL BA! You no more 1 oredi di depan. before you even realise it you'll be TWENTY-ONE! Your one will only appear di belakang!

Of course unless you live to be a hundred. Then you'll have ones in front for a hundred years. Wow.

I miss nothing about there as for now.
I do miss one thing though. Sigh.

Bimbo is fast asleep on my bed. Haha I miss those days when she would bite my nose and my eyebrows to wake me up. Silly kitty. I also miss those days when she was sillier. Climb on rooftops and trees then didn't know how to get down. She's much darker now, not because of the sun (doi) but because she's aging. Poor Bimbo. Meooowwrr. You better not poop in my room.

I will upload pictures. Really soon.