Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Just what exactly were you thinking?

Rianah is so excited, cause she found Castlevania whatever la nama dia punya cheat, but her DS is still charging. And right now she's listing down what she's gonna buy at the warehouse sale. She puts down "Any Interesting Baju" "Nice Pants" "Seluar Koprat". Nah. Koprat tu. Jan ko main-main. Bodoh o. LOLs. She continues writing "Cardigan - Anything Yang Nipis" " macam mana mau eja...Vest!". Oh wait, she scratches off Vase/Vest.

Cammie! Meee-maaang beeerat bila dikira dengan Kilo! Chuuunnya~

I was just at Cammie's blog, then I saw the pix of her at thephotobooth at CP (where I lost my phone. Oh what a day it was.) Then I realised how much I miss those days! I remember the first time we did it was with my dears - Pika and Shafa. Remember or not? :) I think I made Pika ask the person sana McD. Haha. Fun~~ Soooo much memories at that area, all were fun fun fun! From weird awkward moments to Laugh-Out-Loud sessions to spending a lot of money there in one day (I can't recall how many photo booths Marichelle and I went in one day). Ah, those were the days, no?

Bah, apa lagi. MARIII~~~ XD

Guess who's DS is already fully charged.

Warehouse sale in a day's time, then Bunny, then puuuulaaaang. Kan Rianah kan? Kan Bunny? Tapi tsk, satu minggu seja.

Another thing to do in Kota Kinabalu : Play Wii and PS 3! Muahahahahaha *ketawa jahat*

Oh yea, I still owe pictures from the wedding. Soon, soon. When I go back to KK and the line is stable. Ohhh tidak sabar! And, I will upload the video of Rianah and Kakak Zura playing boxing on Wii. FANEEE betul okay.

I'm meeting Baby Izz soon! Laa-didadidaaa~

Okay, before I end, I have this picture of Angelina Jolie. I'm not such a big fan, after the Brad Pitt-J Aniston thing, but...

I think she looks super hot here. Wooh. Very seducing, no?

Okay goodnight!

Saving up,

Monday, April 27, 2009

A Love That Lingers...

You see, here's the thing. I wanna sleep, but I can't. My ear hurts and it itches, I wanna scratch it, but I can't. I wanna start editing my pictures, but I can't. I want a beach holiday, but obviously I can't.

Number one must-do in Kota Kinabalu: Have fun! XD whee~

Okay, okay it's already 2.30, I must sleep.
Goin home soon! YES!

SuperGirl lemah,

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Still a little bit of your song in my ear.

Sia siiiiini bah di ruma si Rianah. Limpang-limpang seja, taip-taip ni blog. Si Rianah ntah apa la dia buat tiba-tiba tanya Kinabalu National Park di mana. Di dekat gunung Kinabalu la ba kan?

Si Min a.k.a Jasmine bekatawa-katawa befon sama boifren dia laitu. Sepa lagi kan becall suda mau pukul satu pagi ni.

Sian Si Naja tidur di bawah. Berla dia, mau juga menyempit sama the sumandaks sini.

Ui tadi on the way mau pigi ruma Kakak Zura punya jauh. Well I rasa it's jauh la. Sangat la mau tidur on the way there sab ba, memang la lama suda kan tia tidur dengan secukupnya. Pasal exam la ba ni. Heih. Mana mau urus assignments la apa segala. (Sepa suru juga kan buat last minit).

Eh, my telinga sakit oo. I think got jerawat. Ew. Haha. Cool. Enden?

I sleepy ba dis actually tapi kan, entah la. Lama ba suda tia update blog ni jadi i mengambil la the chance to update.

Mummy ba sana bilik kasi play lagu di phone dia balik-balik.

Jap, I'm on the phone.


Min is still on the phone. Teehee.

Random pictures of my weekend will be up soon enough, okay? Okaaayyy. Me is having loadsa fun sama my cousin-cousin yang digelar "tulin" oleh Rianah. Ada la baitu sebab dia. Best this. Jarang ba get to bekumpul.

Can I not bring my bag tomorrow and substitute it with Sexy's bag? (And I thought I didn't have a name for it).

Ui! Ada ba ni satu baju Pull & Bear. I WANT!

Cammie baru seja type "BAU" updated. Si Cammie punya blog kalau suda kena update ada "BAU" ba. Tula tu. Haha.

I mangantuk oredi dis. Maaf la aa, today's bahasa kita kasi dia Sabahan sikit. Macam siuk pula.




Monday, April 13, 2009

And a-one, And a-two..

I've class at two. Presentation. Am I prepared? No. Haha. As usual la kan.

Next week exams sudah! Nah! This looong semester is finally ending! I cannot wait for it to end. I can't wait for this whole year to end actually. Well not really. I can't wait to finish my diploma. Woooh.

So I got the remaining balance of my Feb-March salary last saturday. Grrr. Which will ultimately mean I'm only getting March-April salary in May. DOI! Sheesh. I actually do not want to work anymore. Well, there's that part in me that just longs for sleep-ins on a Saturday and Sunday. I haven't slept-in for a long time. But then, I can't not work, cause if I do not work, I don't have cash. Not enough I mean. You know how I love spending on food. Food food food food.

Just tadi I went on a kuih buying spree di cafe. Bukan la that sedap pun, but I dunno. Nafsu? Most likely.

I really want to grow my hair, I miss it being long. Yet I know I can't wait to cut it short after it's already long. (Apa ba I cakap this)

OH OH, I was at 1U yesterday, going back after work, then I came across this sign that was pasted on the glass wall on this one kedai

Vacancy Needed

Instead of "Vacancy Available" 

Okay, I want to do something to my hair. Always wanting to do something.

Whee! Mummy coming next weeeeeekkk! I cannot wait! Mummy Mummy Mummy Mummy!

OH YES, something made me SO PISSED yesterday while I was waiting to at the taxi stand to go home from work. It's bad enough that you're smoking and the smoke is like..going directly to my face. This one guy puffed out his poison smoke to his little bro who was barely 2 year old! One WHOLE family was smoking including the mom and the other lady (maybe the man's gf or something). THEN! The silly guy gave his lit up cigg to the little kid! ADAKAH! Aduiiii marahnya me that tiiiime. Pastu go hantuk-hantuk the kid's head on the tiang besi. SO lah! I wish I could take the kid from them oh!

Not that I can do much to raise the boy but still! Jahat!

Pictures from the disappointing zoo trip next time... Wait till you see the horny monkey!

I've exams on the 20th, 21st, 23rd and the 24th of April. Good luck to everyone! It's Exaaaaammm FEVER! Don't worry, we can celebrate like shytes when it's all over.

I am so sleepy.


Monday, April 6, 2009

Waking up sick.

It's been awhile.

Got orang yang not putih so like nda ikhlas mau bagi me plug in my charger. Mind you, babau ni this people. The library reeks.

Eh ngam ka tu spelling.

Anywhos, that day, I went picture taking for assignment with my new best friend, (she's so sexy+amazing btw. So terlalu luvleh. Thank you mumsie.) And I was in the car since...1 pm till late night. I can tell you I'm sick of listening to Taylor Swift's Love Story. I think I heard the song more than 10 times on the same day. Gila ka apa.

Eh, pause. Ada nice girl plugged in my battery to her extension. Is that how you spell it? Can I not go to class? Haha.

No more line curi for me at home. Got password oredi. Sigh. Jahat o the person dowan to share-share.

So as I was saying, I would like to stay clear of hearing the sounds of Love Story. Romeo take me somewhere we can't here the song.

That day it was blazing hot, and I don't know why we ust had to go to ngeh-so-lah-ini-lah-kesian-o disappointing Zoo Negara. No need la go kay. Okay, being a zoo it will stink. But if you look at the keadaan of the place and the animals. It's so sedih. This one ape was chewing on DAWAI. The lion and lioness was kurus. The tempat where they put the fox kaitu? and the racoon was so not dijaga. The turtles were berlumut. A puma (what u call it? Panther ba kan?) and leopard were doing it. They seemed so miserable and lonely, it made me miserable. Heih. Romeo take me to a better zoo than that.

Earth Hour - I did my part by forcing Mun to switch off all the lights in the kedai at 8.30. We usually leave lights at the play area on. Haha. It was kinda disappointing really, since not many at Damansara area "did their part". But it was okay. My sister sent me a link, that you people might wanna see : -->

It's really cool.

KLCC switched off their lights. If you don't already know, KLCC's lights shine right up to the sky at night, so yeah, it was cool that it went off.

I haven't gotten much sleep these few weeks. This week wil be ultra-hectic. (Though it may not seem like it)

I have this week to get by, and another one next week to face, then it'll be assessments and exams. Woooo I can't wait I can't wait I can't wait.

I'm gonna see Mummy again soon at the end of this month. Abang Ojie's wedding. Wedding here wedding there so many this year. It's nice to have family around, since I won't be pulanging till RAYA. Sangat lama lagi sigh.

I want my pay!! We work our asses off especially during birthdays and when Mun is not around to help and there aren't enough teachers. We deserve to get our pay ON TIME, and not sikit-sikit! Sheesh.

I miss so many people.

These few weeks are going to be hard.
But it's all good. :)

(yeah, like keep telling yourself that okay.)

I'm late for class!