Thursday, November 27, 2008

Black Hawk Down (And other stories) Vol. 1.

Segi Leadership Camp Day 1.

It was gruelling trying to get up on Monday, November 24th. But! I was excited as well, and I got up and sempat lagi watch Friends. Haha. Anywho, thanks to my best friend I had a good breakfast, fried egg and bread. So, as we thought we were late, I didn't get to stop by 7-E to beli some munchies. Tetapi aduhai, sebenarnya banyak lagi masa. Sebab bus didn't leave on time...cis. Lepas itu kan, Mel berabis ba ingat dia ni lupa bawa phone, and was like marah-ing Bedut to bring it from home (Bedut couldn't find it!). Adeh, phone dia dalam bag pulaaa. Haha.

Okay, anyway, Mel and I were sleepy, we didn't get much sleep the night before that. Me watching tv til 3am. We tried so hard to sleep, Mel eventually got some shut eye, I had got only a total of like...20mins? Joe wouldn't stop with the "are we there yet?" and Imara+Joe+Aiman were singing happily while strumming the guitar. And the bus ride was bumpy.

somewhere along the way, this beautiful view caught my eye. If only I had a better camera.

Imara and Joe with the guitar. Mel ZzZ-ing.

Plus as I was enjoying the view that was new to me, i had my worry on my bag that was stored above. Apa ba you panggil that know, the overhead cabin thingy. Itukah nama? Anyway, yea, it was about to fall, cause the lame cover of the thingy like...loose bah. So everytime there was a bump or a sharp turn the cover would open...

like this... See that green thing? That's my bag.

La di da di da, TADA we arrived. At first it was like, heh? Cause we were entering a place called "Nusa Dusun something something..." And in my heart I went "are we there now?"

And it was as if I was going through a farm? Got pokok nangka and the nangkas were hanging. And then got black and white HEALTHY cow! Straight away, I thought of Reg. HAHA.

Finally, we arrived. The place was called 'Activ8'. It looked like "HEH?! INI LA?!"

the curly hair belongs to a guy named Zainul

See the red rumah-like thingies? That was the "tent". It had air-conditioning. Ours was those green ones there far in the pic. Inside, it looked like...


So after a short breifing, and were divided into groups, we went to our tempat tinggal for the camp, and just as we (Saqina & I - we were separated from Mel they all) were about to unpack, we realised there were pencerobohs! From the other team! So we decided to be pencerobohs as well to Mega Hawks' (the other team) dorm. Heehee :D

So i think after unpacking we went forrr lunch, was it? Then! It was ice-breaking time!

to be continued.

There'll be SLC Day 1 part 1.5 soon enough. Tomorrow perhaps.

I've got other things on my mind now. Like... WHERE AM I GONNA STAY?! Oh, the owner of our house here in KD wants the apartment back by the 20th of Dec. THIS YEAR. Fish you. Gila betul! Mana mau cari rumah on such short notice? And people are going off to hometown suda sepa mau pack?! You mau tolong?? EEEE! Gila youuuu! I hope you don't read blogs.

That's one thing.

I keep thinking about the past, where I should've just ended it there and then. Stop it when I had the chance. It will just hurt too much now to let it go.
Why is that no matter how much I want to, I just can't.

"you give me something that I just can't deny, something that's so real..."

Now playing: Alicia Keys - Butterflyz
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I'm not on drugs okay. Haha.

There goes another.

I shouldn't have did the things I had decided to do. But was I meant to know? Was it just His way of showing me?
Why haven't I learned. I knew it was gonna mean that I'd know certain things that maybe, just maybe, was better left unknown? The truth hurts, yes? But I suppose in the long run I could benefit from it? Yes. I can.

MY goodness ini fonts kan! Sorry ah, lain-lain size. Haha!

Oh what would I do to watch Alicia Keys perform live. I missed 2 chances to watch John Legend (OH the PAIN of remembering that fateful day). I'm not telling that story again, it's all left in my Xanga.

I got my pay like...yesterday. So I was really undecided. I know I should save it and all. I had Baskin's yesterday. And today I donated to charity. I have very strong temptation to spend it on clothes and shoes, but I won't... YET. Teehee.

Btw, I got tagged, for the 1st time, in blogger!

1) Do u think you're hot?

i'd like to think so. CHEH. doi. Whatever people. haha.

2) Upload your favourite picture of you!

3) Why do you like that picture?

because i turned 19 on that day, and I realised it's my last -teen year. So i'm liking this photo as long as i can. IM OLLLLLDDDDDDDDD *sobs*

4) When was the last time you ate pizza?

errr...2 or maybe 3 weeks ago

5) The last song you listened to?

just dance - lady gaga

6) What are you doing now beside this?

watch movie. johnny english suda siap dload!

7) What name would you prefer besides yours?

princess consuela banana hammock. HAHA. nooo, kidding.

People i tag :
1. Reggie @ Xanga
2. Cammie@ Xanga
3. Rianaaaahh
5. cant think of another.

8) Who is number 1?

my best friend!

9) Number 3 is having a relationship with?

her biey la...sepa lagi. kan?

10) Say something about number 5?

inda kanal eh.

11) How about number 4?

she was born on may 12th! just like meee~

12) Who is number 2?
number 2 is orang yang suda ada nikon d60. hmph

And that, is the end of today's post.


Sunday, November 23, 2008


Thanks Tiff-tiff for lending me Twilight. I thought I might as well read it if everyone's saying it's good!

Went to work today, and ALAMAK the birthday party was such a mess (it costed almost RM800, for a birthday, and just to do craft. PLUS you have to get your own food and cake. All we do is provide the craft & the learning process & the venue. Crazy, no?). Extra kids suddenly just started coming in LATE. And parents were all around. Like...adoi! Pening oh! And very messy. And not to mention extremely tiring.

I'm going to camp tomorrow yay!

Wanna see what I'm sitting in opposite of?

Theobroma's chocolate lounge. Been wanting to go there.

Sale is coming soon! Tapi money teda. Nah macam mana la?

Oh oh, the camp I'll be going to is...

okay it's small. SLC -SEGi Leadership Centre

Will be sure to post pix.

I have to go now!


Friday, November 21, 2008

God said "RUN"

Okay, so I moved.

For one thing, xanga takes an awful lot of time to load. With the speed I get, I can't always wait, can I? Looking at how many people I know are using blogger, I decided to change. HAHA. I've been thinking about it for quite some time now.

Reggie, don't get mad at me! I do actually find blogger easier. And somewhat funner.

God said "RUN"? yeah, He totally gave me a chance to run the other day. We were on our way home from The Curve, when one of us decided 'Let's walk to Pelangi while we discuss the future...'. Discuss the future we did. Haha. We decided to walk to Pelangi, cause usually the bus empties out there. Then la di da di da we were walking when one of us said "Is that a bus?" then ZOOM a bus went passing us by. We thought, ah well, it's a rapid bus (meaning it'll cost RM2. We wanted to take a Metro bus), let it pass. So we walked and walked then soon after, a metro passed! then following right behind it, another rapid. I instantly went SHIT, cause the buses weren't even full!

But, the gleaming red traffic light gave us a chance, and it stopped both the metro and the 2nd rapid. At first I was really relaxed, and just walked, I didn't really care whether or not I got to ride on the bus. But something in me made me run. So ran I did. I ran, and ran and ran and ran, hoping so much that I would get to the bus on time. Oh, did God really give me the chance to run. As I was getting closer and closer to the bus, guess what....It just drove off. One lady did try to press the bell to help stop the bus, but didn't manage. Thanks anyway lady.

So probably you'd think it didn't teach me anything? Haha. It did.
  1. Just stick to where you are to wait the bus.
  2. You can talk about the future in the bus; and most importantly...
  3. GRAB the opportunity when it's right in front of you. Opportunities don't come easy.
See, I should've ran from the moment I saw the bus stop. I should've taken the chance.

I just can't wait to go back home to KK.

I think this post is a better one compared to my xanga's first post! Haha. Alritey, will be updating really soon.

this is actually at Karambunai. Looks like a pic for a calendar, no?