Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Menstruating Cake Addict

Now, who hates cake, angkat tangan! Ish. Apa lah.

I've been on a break for so long from blogging, I've gotten really bad at it I think. Sometimes I wish my brain could electromagnetically or uhm magically send waves to my blog to pen down my thoughts and feelings at the mo'. Cheh mau juga "at the mo", at the moment sudah la ba kan?

I really miss home.

I've got no stories to tell. Seriously.

But I do have a really lame joke to share!

What do you call a fish with no eye?

Ally totally got angry over that riddle because she said, "a fish with no eye is blind". WHICH IS EVEN FUNNIER! *insert big laughter here*

I love you Jojo. Even though you attack my kaki secara tiba-tiba. Gigit me kadang-kadang when I'm trying to sayang-sayang you. Sleep in the cupboard and leave your bulu merata-rata. Spit your pills out. Pandai melawan. Pandai tampar orang. Play fetch then drop your toy halfway back. Wake us up by meowing loudly. Chew on my bunga. Cari penyakit. Take up space when people are trying to tidur. Drink out of my cup (which you just did about 2 seconds ago, thank you Cat I was thirsty). Sit on books/laptop when people are trying to read/buat kerja. Always trying to bunuh diri. Messing up the table when you think there's CICAK when really there's none. Eat bugs.

But your cuteness, hidung pink, silliness, manja-ness, your constant failed attempts to surprise us, and your ability to somewhat understand the both of us makes me love you always, if not more, nonetheless.

And to you.

How can I not love you.

I told you I've got no stories to tell. Thanks for reading anyway. I'll be more rajin and creative next time. Really.

With love,

and Jojo!