Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bye bye birdie

Always wishing that my stay at home wouldn't end so quickly. It PAINS me to leave.

My Syawal lesson: Love, accept, forgive

To semua semua, I had fun. Can't wait for December!

Oh and --


Muchachos mamasitas nachos jalapenos~! Alright! :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

This is to you.

I know you know its you :)

Thanks. Here's to the better days that we had.

May have been a two-faced bitch to you, but I miss you already. You have no idea.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Today should be a good day

Because today's date is so pretty! 09.09.09! If I were back home we'd already be having a family picture. (which by the way has not happened since I came here)

But it was not a good day.

I got sick again after I just got better a week ago. I am convinced its cause I didnt drink enough water. Had really bad fever yesterday, this morning I didnt get any better. Woke up sweaty but still very feverish. Then went to the doctor in the afternoon - that cost me 50 bucks. Got a terrible headache and wanted to puke the whole journey.

But then I think I'm feeling better now. At least much better then this morning.

Well anyway...this is very much delayed, but this is for Reggie! My dear girl I told you once I'll tell you again, that even though you didn't get it, you did so good that night. :) And I'll tell you that no one can scream like a convent girl so even Ain and I were enough to cheer you on. Jason definitely helped haha!

Today while sick a stream of thoughts just came into my head, and I just do not know why. Started asking about people whom I have no interest about. Suddenly just-so-randomly teringat the past which I particularly hate, because I teringat about this psycho b*tch. Psycho. Sheesh.


Never got done with the post, I dozed off.

Ta-Da! Finally a new look for my blog. Nothing much, but I like it.

My last semester has started, I missed my first two classes yesterday cause I was sick. And so my final semester has brought me two potential enemies - Copywriting and Electronic Publishing.

Initially, people may think that taking Mass Communication is for people who 'don't know what to do'. Yeah well I'll tell you frankly, that was exactly what I had in mind when I signed up for the course. I didn't know what to do. My mind was firmly set on Early Childhood Education - think about it, there'll always be a need for that. But I don't know why at the very last minute just before I had to send it to the post office I wrote down "Diploma in Mass Communications". Without my parents knowing.

It took me a good 6 months to decide on it.

Here I am now, I despised the beginning, I'm enjoying the journey, and loving the ending. I guess there was a reason why I did that change. It's probably one of the hardest jobs to grasp with in KK. You don't necessarily get the greatest pay. It's not the usual doctor-lawyer-teacher thing (I wanted to be those back in the day). I'm still trying to figure out why, though. But I do believe that there was a reason. And surely it'll be shown in times to come.

I haven't had my mind set on what I should major in. I haven't taken IELTS. I haven't started looking for places to do my internship.

There's just so many things on my mind!

I was doing the laundry a few hours ago, and then I don't know why I suddenly teringat about our little dance performance that we did when we were in form 1. Or was it form 2. I can't recall. Alaa, you know the one we did with "Stronger" and the chair thing for speech day. Correct me if I'm wrong, was it me, Reggie, Pika, Dai, Gail, and Marichelle? It was crappy how we weren't allowed to wear jeans. Bodoh o that rule. We had to wear stupid slacks with stupid white shirts and necktie. Hahaha! And the make-up was horrid. Hair was horrid too, we had braids all over! What shoes did we wear? Were we barefoot?

Oh and remember how we were already on stage and the curtains were already open, the music started then suddenly electricity went off? We automatically froze. Like we knew it was gonna happen.

Gosh. Those were the days. Nothing like 'em.

20 days into Ramadhan, and I cannot wait for Eid! Already in the mood for rendang! I'm coming home next week!
Eh, mari buat open house? ;)

Stupid SBWS.