Wednesday, December 31, 2008


SuperGirl lost her super powers.

Leaving home is like giving superman krypton.
Leaving home to me is like giving me A HUGE AMOUNT OF DUMPING OF crap.

Very malas to start class. NOT excited.

Dear You,

Can I just ignore things? And befriends with who I wanna be, even though it'll seem as if I'm the unfun-nest and uncool-est person? I want you to come quick! Quick!
God, I want to save myself from the "pollution" and pollution. Argh! The things you people emit kill! PLEASE SEDAR. I DO NOT WANT TO DIE BECAUSE OF THAT.

I don't think it's cool, I don't think it's hot.

Rules need to be set, sorry if I sound selfish. I'm being selfish for the sake of EVERYONE. Though prolly you won't think highly of it.

Hana the party pooper?


I want Reggie.
I want Tee.
I want Pika d small girl.
I want Shafa d loud girl.
I miss Supervisor!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


excuse the title, I'm clueless.


Had lunch at Little Italy and ate ice cream.
Went to Vedablu Warisan and met up with my dearrrest best friends that I have not met in a loooong time and had a lil bit of ice cream again...cause I couldn't help it.
Searched the whole of CP for shoes!! Did not manage to get any. Tsk. Got earrings and card though :)
Sat at Big Apple donuts and hung out, and in the end did not buy any.
I went home happy. Yay.

Thanks Pika & Shafa for the day. It's been AGES since we've went out just the 3 of us. And I had fun! Whee! Haha. You people made my holiday extra memorable :)

Going back to KL tomorrow... Not really looking forward.

I can tell you I'm not that excited. Another semester to go through, months and months of nonsense and teda-tedaness, more drama, more kegeraman and more patience needed! Damn it, I'm getting scared to go back.

Yet, I can't wait to go back, I can't wait to quickly end it all. Another year...just one more year.

MYgoodness can you imagine ANOTHER YEAR of all that? I have never wanted a year to end so quickly. And 2009 isn't even here yet.

Dear 2009,

Please be gentle and kind to me, and help me be happier with myself. I hope you bring me many many adventures and stories to tell. Okay, even if you're not gentle to me, I'll appreciate the sadness and anger you'll bring. Guide me to success and lessons that lead to it. Bring my family closer together, bring my friends and I closer together, bring me closer to Him and help me live life fully. Open up opportunities and point me to chances that are there.

Teach me, love me, 2009.
Oh gosh, 2009 is almost here.

my 2008 summarized in pix.
pix credit to me. Cheh. haha.


Thursday, December 25, 2008


I pity you dear soul,
You're not where you're supposed to be...
Neither here nor there,

I pity you dear soul,
All things yours -- taken.

I pity you dear soul,
You'll never know,
Who. What. How.
Thrown away to emptiness.
You're lost.

Who's to help you?
Who's to bring you home?

I am sad for you dear soul. I only wished you knew.

Bimbo might just have a bit of 'dog' in her...

To those who don't already know, my cat's name is BIMBO. She is pretty, but stupid, hence the name. I only used my phone's camera. I tell you if I had a DSLR, my subject would be Bimbo in the evenings. Haha, Bimbo my meow meow. The silly cat won't even chase chickens! Batu mau pula.

I'm going to miss the comforts of home really soon. The delicious free food. YUM. Nice bed to guling-guling on. The joy of TV and Fridge. My Tg Aru breeze. All saying goodbye to me. Tsk...

I cannot wait till Muallaf shows in Malaysia. Lucky S'pore got to watch it first. Deswai la, cetak rompak egen! Hish. I'm certain though, that this film will have so many cuts before it's shown here.

At work one fine day, as I was tracing Cinderella's face, I laughed to myself. Thank goodness noone saw. Why? I remembered the story about "Buang Air" from my Xanga :

so reg n i crossed the road after her sis dropped us off at cp (thanks for pickin me up btw). den reggie's pink popteen(was it?) bag was full wit chocos towel baju n stuff. n had dis one bottle filled wit water. so then we walked into cp den reg sed...

"i need to throw away the water in my bottle. it's too heavy"

so i sed...

"we go toilet and throw have to pay 20sen o..."

"ee im not payin 20sen just to do dat!" reg sed

den i sed "u tell la the aunty yg jaga d tandas..say 'aunty...boleh saya buang air?'"

den we stopped walking n in my head at the moment i went that sounds wrong then me and reg laughed den i sed to reg "hahahahaha! okay no, u say 'aunty..boleh saya buang air dalam botol?'"

den we look at each other agen n laugh berabis!! LOL!! so stupid! den finally we decided to walk back out n gv the tumbuhans a drink. sengaja o kan bold+underline those words. so dat u ppl pay attention ba. hahaha!!! bodoh o dat! if i mandi2 or do anythin n think about wat i sed, i will laugh..i type2 that just now oso i laugh. i like d buang air dlm botol part. ahhahhaahah! u ppl readin laugh or not? hairan me if u dont laugh!

Also from xanga...

okay, two random things. haha. so many things tia jadi on my holiday dis. the bons didnt even bekumpul. didnt even go to dinner. didnt have the sleepover. didnt have the barbecue. didnt send Ain's gift on time. didnt go to a far away beach. tsk. never mind. i guess there'll be other times. dui.
Why? Hmm.

Good night and Merry Christmas!


Thursday, December 18, 2008


continutation of camp stories when I get back home. :P

three name that friends call you
[1] BANZ
[2] Naz

three most important date in your life
[1] May 12th
[2] err
[3] hmm...

three things you've done in the last 33 minutes
[1] watched House
[2] ate maggi (tsk kesiaaann)
[3] smsed

three ways to be happy
[2] dance your sadness away~
[3] eat it off! haha

three of your favourite songs as of now
[1] Teenage Love Affair - A Keys
[2] So Many Times - Gadjo
[3] Genie 2.0 - Christina Aguilera

three of your favourite hobby
[1] eat eat eat eat eat eat
[2] blog :D
[3] watch tv!

three places you want to go for vacation
[1] i wanna go to Bali
[2] i wanna go to Spain
[3] i wanna go to DUBAI

three favourite cartoon/anime characters
[1] Bloo from Foster's Home

three malls you usually go to
[1] One Utama. Doi.
[2] Curve (Tesco...Haha)
[3] Times Sq? haha!

three favourite drinks
[1] Water. Itz Gooooood
[2] 7up
[3] Kitchai PING! haha

three things found in your bag (right now ka?)
[1] receipts
[2] mirror
[3] lip balm

three favourite colors
[1] all the
[2] colours in the
[3] world!

three hang outs (as in with whom?)
[1] BONS
[2] familiii~
[3] dancing ppl! hehe.

three foods you love so much
[2] PHOP
[3] triple play? Heehee.

three things special to you
[1] my phone.
[2] my laptop, my dear technological friend
[3] my food?

top three atitudes you like
[1] funny
[2] fun
[3] sincerity

three things you will be doing tomorrow
[1] get on the train
[2] get on the plane
[3] going home!!

three reasons you answer this survey
[1] because i was tagged?
[2] because I want to
[3] because I know you want me to. Haha.

three people that you tagged
[1] reggie. do it. DO IT. Doing, doing...
[2] rianah!
[3] noury!

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I was at KL Sentral the other night, on the way back from a ujan ujan-mau-juga-jalan trip to times square waiting for the bus (that btw, never showed up) when I saw many blind people - guided and unguided - crossing the road. Walking their way back. Then a thought came to me...

How do they know they're already where they're supposed to be?

I mean...think about it. Kalau they're all alone in this world, how on earth can they be certain that they're already home? Yeah, people might help and all, do they really know? Hmm.

I watched Bolt yesterday.

AND I ENJOYED IT! HAHA. Bolt was soooo cute and Rhino the hamster was ust the funniest thing in the world. Though it felt a bit like it was hina-ing cats at one point (HAHA), I still enjoyed it! Will definitely watch it another time!

Rhino the Hamster, Bolt the Dog, Mittens the Cat

i think this was when Mittens was teaching Bolt how to beg. HAHA!

Rhino the "Magic Box" addict.

I have got to start packing!

See you soon KK!!


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Black Hawk Down (And Other Stories) Vol. 2

Part 1.5 continued.

Mel sticking out the Velcro windows. See! Got air-con!
now where was I?

oh yeah, ice breaking time!

So we went over to the Playground Area (the place to do all the activities. not playground Playground.) to start our ice breaking. We had a few very fun games, namely the Power Charge ( i think), then there was Bang Bang, then there was Warp Speed. All of which was sooooo funny! Haha.

I find it hard to verbally explain Power Charge. Cause like...susah. Anyway, I'll try. This game, requires us to like...bend our knees a lil. Like half-way to do a squat? then your hands with your fingers pointing front then you say "JUJUJUJUJUUJU" as fast as u can. Are you doing it? Or imagining it at least? Haha. When you're in this position and going "JUJUJUJU", you're charging. Kay so the game goes like this, a person will be in the middle of the circle, and everyone else in the circle just stands and waits till your name is being called or the person on the left or right of you gets called. Then when the person's name is called, he has to charge himself then the person to the left and the right of him charges him as well. Then the person yang mencharge diri tadi tu kan after he completes charging, he'll say any other person's name la anywhere around the circle. Whoever yang lambat kena calit muka with face paint! hahaha. When ada orang yang kena more than 3 times, EVERYONE gets to put one line on the person's face yang kalah!

She got calit-ed! By 30 people!

Did you understand? Haha. So in one way or another, we began to know everyone else's name. There were man Chinese students during the camp so after introducing ourselves we found it hard to remember this one particular side of a circle where most of the chinese guys were. Zainul joed around and just before Imara introduced herself Zainul went (in a typical Chinese accent - no offence.) "This is IMALA" then everyone just BURST into laughter. He was with his calm face and his curly big hair as if nothing had happened. Haha.

Zainul among the girls. Zainul's the one in the white shirt, in case you can't spot the man. Just kidding Zai ;)

Warp Speed is about figuring out how to pass the ball within your group mates in the fastest way possible. We did about 1+ second. The other team less than a second! How? Go figure :D

Bang Bang was a bit similar to Power Charge, except that when a person's name gets called, he immediately squats and the person to his left and right has to say the person on the opposite's name. I getting this right?

Yang dicalit... Me-Imara-Mel

Anyway, in that game i got one face paint stripe cause I simply stumbled when I was about to say Mel's name. Then I got Mel back! Heeheee :D sorry Mel!

So then after that, we headed on to ROCK CLIMBING! It was gonna be the first time I've ever gone rock climbing and I was pretty excited. There were 3 walls to climb, and each wall had points. There was a 50 wall, the 100 wall, and the 200 wall, the level of difficulty increases with the score.

Nazie, Saqina, Mel, Imara, Nad

Joe and trainer Ajip.

Helmets! Safety first.

With many people lining up to do the 50 wall, lil me went up to do the 100! without even attempting the 50. Despite it being the 1st time i ever rock climbed, for the team, I went anyway.

The 50 Wall.

The 100 Wall...Part of it. Ajip climbing. He's fast!

the remaining of the 100 Wall. Ajip's there!

Saqina (in red) on the 200 wall and Ka Mun (in white) on the 100 wall.

Saqina's at the top!

it's really high.

And God, it was tiring. And REALLY high. But I made it! With the help of friends that told me where to put my feet la of course. After that all my energy was drained, I actually had a difficult time climbing up the 50 wall because of my short legs. Then again, thanks to my anchor and trainers, they lifted me up. Haha. I kinda wished I just tried climbing the 200. Oh well.

By sundown everyone was tired and was somewhat entertained by the "Korean Drama" that was going on.

So after that there was dinner. Then we lepak-ed bawah dorm. Then we went to sleeeeeep. ZzZZzzzZZ.

End of part 1! :D

That took me a while. Haha.

Things are hmm, prolly getting better now i suppose? Moving out of our beloved house early January. But rent will be 50 bucks higher - RM12.50 more for each. There goes 2 days of lunch money!

I was watching a video of JT (yes, JT, again) on youtube. Summer Love live. That performance was extremely hot. So very hot. Terlalu hot. He's just so sexy. I tell you, if ever he has a concert in Malaysia, I would go. No money after that pun never mind. How can you not? It's Justin!

Which reminds me, I want to make a new passport.

Mana la tau Justin goes to Singapore instead *winks* Haha.

Come dance with me baby! Dance till we go keraayyyzehh!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

oh my...

call me a sap, but I'm such a drooler over JT, and his intensity in this clip is sooooo freaking HOT.