Saturday, December 26, 2009

Tap, tap, flick!

If you're a fan of these games...

L-R: DDR a.k.a Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Tap Tap Revenge for IPod Touch, and the eversoclassic PaRappa the Rapper!

Then you might just like:

Rhythm Paradise is not your average rhythm-coordination game. It's more of a rhythm-attention-speed game. What it truly is, is a less graphic, a much more simple (while being quite challenging to get 'Perfect') tap tap and flick game to cute characters as well as really catchy cartooney beats.

I don't know why its aged 3+ and above, I would be worried that a child that age would break the DS screen!

There are 40 stages altogether plus 10 more being the Remix stages. Its like...once you've learned all the ways to tap & flick to different songs, the remix comes - with no practise as a reminder of how to tap or flick!

What gets the game addictive and going is the situations they put you in - alien shooting, farmer picking up beets and kicking away moles, you being a monkey as an audience of a concert, and even as ducks in the military! Sure tapping and flicking may seem a tad bit redundant, but to hell with redundancy... you're gonna get hooked.

Though no popular songs as they would have in Elite Beat Agents (graphics also not manga-like; as you'll see later its very kiddy and cutesy), things like "Yeah, yeah, yeah" or "Peck your beak!" would definitely get stuck in your head after putting the game down.

This character is "You" from the Glee Club stage. Cute kan?

This stage is I forgot what, but you've to fill up the robots with just the right amount of oil


Aww look, it's the Love Lizards!

What better way to show how to play than a video. :D Toodles people! Go get Rhythm Paradise!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Feliz Navidad!

Merry Christmas everyone! Happy opening presents and having yummyscrumpelicious dinners. Mmm~

Okay, looks like I have a week left before returning to "home". Oh well, sometimes you just gotta do whatchu gotta do. Partly wanting to be back there, but for most parts wanting to be just right here. Sigh.

Was having a talk with who ah the other day. Was it Thara and Reg or was it Thara and Rianah...or Thara and Shafa? Anyway, it feels like as if I've been twenty baruuu juga.

And now, nah... In another 5 months sudah mau 21! Bukan lama tu. Skijap seja tu. What was 2009? 2009 was;

God there was drama like never before. (Eleh padahal bukan lah banyak mana pun). But seriously, sometimes in those drama-ey moments is when you learn the most stuff! Not just about other people but about yourself, too! And then the time where the thing happened then forced another thing to happen heh.

I don't know how I got very many cederas this year. Hmm. Clumsy.

First there was the owner rumah lama thing, then there was the finding rumah thing (which was not a very good time for me. Grr.) Then there was pindah rumah, then there was pindah-ing OUT of rumah. Then there were TONS of assignments to be done. When one was over another one kept on coming. Then remember the time my laptop decided to just ROSAK the day before i needed to submit the group assignment?! OHmygosh. And thennn there was the many times and still are the many times that I've thought about the 'future' which PAINS me which is bad. Aduih I still don't know what I'm gonna do, or where I'm gonna go, or what I'm gonna major in. Once I do I'll let you know. A lot of 'maybes' 'don't knows' 'not sures'. You still with me?

Oh so fun! But so not encourage-able :)

But most of all, 2009 was totally...

The things you get to go through on your final year of your diploma. Going to find paddy, staying up all night long finishing assignment about paddy and laughing like shit while doing it. Dressing up for presentations, going aaaalll the way to Planters' Haven to play tapuk-tapuk and do the copywriting assignment. Being able to complete a job and feeling so satisfied and content by it. Having people by your side when your laptop dies. Having friends who are so great. Having a 20th birthday with 3 cakes weehuu! Regained my semangat to read. I love reading. Went on so many days and nights out. Have the most awesome-est friends at work. Leaving home at 6am in the morning just to take pictures (I have such great friends). Having really really really great best friends. Realising that friends will always be friends even though you think it's not worth it. Realising all the great times we shared. AAAAALLL the laughter and tears. Being able to reconnect.

It's ending so quickly...

Ahh 2009, I'm going to miss you. I sure as hell (or rather, heaven) had a great time with you.

Things to look out for in 2010:

1. Holidays
2. Turning TWENTY ONE omeghaad!!
3. Everyone else who's turning TWENTY ONE - don't wanna miss out on the fun ;)
4. Graduation WOOHOO! Eh, btw, bilakah, dan manakah results?!
5. The month of May - Brother getting married! Birthdays=fun=presents=love aww. :D
6. A whole lot of searching and fening kefala.
7. Zoom zoom.
8. Vroom vroom.
9. Boom boom.
10. Saja, mau kasi cukup sepuluh. Eheh.

On the first day of Christmas would someone give to me,

One Really Awesome Big House.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

oh and happy Maal Hijrah!

1431 sudah!

Caution: Long post probably ahead.

After so long, we finally met up. Though not like it used to be, it was really really really great to finally gather and eat and talk just like we used to.

Picked Thara up then picked Ain up pause for awhile at Ain's place to be pretty then drove to Reggie's! I used to live within their area Luyang-Penampang, and Thara was the one yang jauh-er cause she was like...dekat school. You imagine Reggie used to WALK to my place when she was younger (in primary school). Now I'm jauh-est!

But believe you me, it's always worth the drive.


You know why? I'll tell you why. With them it's never awkward. Though silent there'll be no weird stares. If there were any we'd laugh about it.

It's easy to talk and just let it out. Though sometimes some things are just better left unsaid. Ha-ha.

They don't mind taking pictures haha! They also know when to help take pictures (without any of us asking!

Service was slow, we had to ask many times for pisau garpu and sudu, and our lamb chop and grilled chicken didn't appear even when the 2 salads and pizza were already habis n menghadam dalam perut!

So we got some stuff cleared, finally resolved, and understood. Wish none of it had happen tapi macam mana juga kan. Sudah happen. But its good we got talking, and the rest of the night went on smoothly. Kind of.
So talk talk talk and more talk then more laughs then
Thara gave us a gift each! So cute lagi tu it had bags. At first she was like "Okay, can I give you guys your bags now?"

I thought she was gonna give us handbags!

I got necklace, Reggie earrings and Ain hairclip. All nice. Very nice.

Then I asked whether a certain someone was kurus already or not then Reggie burst out laughing then said "Ha?! JOKE OF THE DAY" when I was sincerely asked whether that person has lost weight. But I really thought she did! Or would!

The rest of the night went to more luahan perasaan and more stories that all of us could learn from, and should learn from.

And also news that got me excited! And Thara too! And Ain scared. And Reg to think about.

Why am I being so...weird?

Anyhow, Tuesday:

1. Reg goes to send car to Kolombong
2. Ain goes to pick up Thara then pick up Reg from Kolombong then pick me up then head for breakfast (must Soto cause Ain want haha) at Sri Dewi, or;
2. Ain goes to pick Thara up then me then the 3 of us go for breakfast while Reg goes with her mum and we pick her up/meet her somewhere.
3. Go WILD before noon.
4. Lunch at TBC
5. Sing our hearts out at TBC
6. Dessert TBC. Warisan?
7. Beach...TBC

Nah itu seja lah plan untuk hari itu!

Since I'm home, some things I plan to do are:

At least have a purrrty sunset - but always hujan

Bake! :)

Find the time to bake

Find butterscotch

Find the time to find butterscotch


Take MUCH pictures (much instead of many cause I want it to be uncountable)

Enjoy fast broadband only with Streamyx (tak payah potong, buang masa)

Spend some quality time

Have a blast on New Year and eve

Finish those gifts

Melalaaaak with my melalak buddies

Go somewhere not so near, cause Ain wants to drive far-far.

Get Ain to drive cause Ain never drive us

Enjoy my bed and toilet

Kacau Izz

Go for Dimsum! Must.

Watch 2 must-watch movies

Watch Astro cause I don't have any when I return to KL

Kasi kawan mummy go jogging

Oh, eat of course


I. Must. Cut. Hair.

The old habit is back! Uh-oh... Old habits die hard ;)

Oh noes, me 21 in five months. Oh no.

oh no...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Stuck in

...Senai Airport.

Which is in Johor. Bad enough we had to go to JB then to KL for 2 nights then back to JB to go back to beautiful Kota Kinabalu. WTF.

Will blog when I'm back in KK. Home sweet home, I'm coming!