Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Internet - It does wonderous things.

The Internet.

Allows you to connect with your friends. Rekindle relationships. Find love. Strengthen love.

Allows you to complete work. Do your research. Learn new things. Heck you can find out almost about anything online.

Allows you to find places. Maps. Directions.

Allows you to plagiarize (which btw is illegal so jangan buat, ya? :p )

Allows you to download stuff. Files. Programs. Photos. Movies. Songs.

Allows you to upload stuff. Files. Programs. Photos. Movies. Songs.

Allows you to shop. Dresses. Shirts. Shoes. Food. Books. CDs. Tickets.

Allows you to gossip and find gossip.

Allows you to learn secrets about others.

Isn't the Internet marvelous?


Okay. So lately I banyak berfikir to myself, I've had plenty alone time. Banyak mau difikir. And banyak yang tiba-tiba terfikir. Sebab banyak juga yang bikin me berfikir.

*How to get to JPJ
*How and where to get food and eat it on Friday
*How to manage money for September.
*How my baju raya looks like
*What shoes to get for raya
*Imaginary trips
*Why dia begitu. Always bikin sesak otak ni fikiran. Semak. Menyemak!
*How not to think why dia begitu
*What to eat for sungkai and sahur
*When I get my pay
*What to expect next semester and how to go about it
*What to do after all this
*Where and how to go after all this. Wah!
*What it'll be like in the next four months.

So many many other things.

Pick one: Bag / Pants / 2 pairs of shoes
help, please? :)

5 hari sudah berpuasa! And it's all good.

No matter how you try to hide it, it will show.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Just Keep Swimming

Swimming swimming swimming...

Unfortunately this post has nothing to do with swimming.

It's been almost a good month since I've been able to blog, so quick updates:

I finished my SIXTH semester! I am so relieved.

I finished reading Khaled Hosseini's Kite Runner. Very very visual. And a book that's hard to put down. My favourite quote "Children aren't colouring books. You can't just paint them with your favourite colour," Thanks Reggie my Love.

I managed to survive the last few hectic weeks of the semester.

My laptop was 'sick' for more than a week. I was laptopless for that period.

Had to pay 'medical fees' for my laptop. Not cheap.

Coughed and wheezed one night, the next day had difficulty breathing. I thought my athsma came back. But Alhamdulillah no.

...or maybe i had to check the same day I had difficulty breathing?

Went to see Rianah's SUPER HUGE Puncak Alam campus.

Lega that Ally knows. :)

1st year Anniversary at Get Crafty on July 31st! (big accomplishment, never thought I'd stick to a job that long - and still going on strong)

Was offered a full-time job. Most prolly in KK. Should I?

Woke up 4.30 in the morning to complete an assignment and was SO WORTH IT. Kan Mel?

Actually completed an assignment without doing it last-minutely! (another big accomplishment- like...extremely big.)

most importantly,
I Tara-ra-ra Boom-di-ay-ed

And I just felt like letaking gambars of my 2009.

She is as vain as ever, but I love her :p

Ya lah, time ni baru dapat camera. Testing-testing la kunun. This is the "shake it" effect. ...manada effect-effect la gambar ni blur. Haha.

"Thumbs Up!". How many people out there can do this? Raise their feet! Mel, don't marah kay.

I see you next week Best Friend! Yayyy!

She turned 18 yesterday! Be good Min! They look so cina. Not that its a bad thing.

Ally's 20th birthday makan-makan at Cozy Corner :) I tau tu when I mau naik the car Ally said my perut buncit. :p

Mesti dia rasa dia cool dengan PSP baru dia. Cis. Hahaha :D Suddenly teringat how Zetty put Eyemo on Ally. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Look! AmBank sponsored the Camels at Zoo Negara! Which mesti they confused kan, why their "desert" ada grass...

Eisyraff! Urang bilang smile tingu camera dia smile fake tingu toy car. Hmph.

Reggie and KiKi at Petrosains! KiKi leaving soon! :( :(

Eisyraff = Game = Eisyraff

He called me to ask whether I had Aunty Yana's DS. Which I didn't have! Kesian dia.

Research Seminarrr! Mr Faisal said "I already cabut undi for you, you're first" SHEESH.

Dinosaur punya perhimpunan. Ready to attack!

So the assignment we had to do for News Writing was the photojournalism assignment. Yeah, the one where we had to wake up vereh vereh earleh. Tapi tidak apa lah, in the end semuanya worth it. Syed Hafiz bin Bedut's mum was very cooperative and everything went just perfectly.

Hadn't had enough sleep. Before, after that. Trying to catch up on it.

Oh the lovely holy month of Ramadhan is finally here. Semoga bulan mulia ini membawa rahmat kepada kita semua! :) You just get super excited when this month comes. Either you're excited for Raya, or excited for sungkai, or excited to go bazaar. You're just always excited. Or maybe it's just me. Heh.

I think I need to have new hair. Tidak kira lah cut kaaa, trim kaaa, dye kaaa. Cause...I think my hair is bored. And my hair is boring. And it's going to be raya so new hair is needed. *alasan*

Happy Puasa to all Muslimin and Muslimat! (betul ka tu?)

Blog needs a makeover!

Sometimes you're there,'re not.