Sunday, March 22, 2009


Okay, if you think your life is so freaking hard, and that life's just so menguji your kesabaran...

Try thinking about other people. There just must be someone out there that's just so much more bad things going on in their lives.

You just screwed up so badly in your assignment. Whether you're depressed cause you just fought with your boyfriend. Whether you're alone at home and you just feel so terribly lonely.

There is always someone out there that's suffering a lot more than you.

I realised that today.

Dear You,
I'm very sorry if all this while I've been dumping you with such petty things. I felt so bad after knowing all the things you've told me yesterday. I just can't imagine how you can get through day by day and not just break down. You know how I would be kan? :) I only pray and hope that whatever happens, you'll stay strong. And you'll always always always always have me. Eh! We didn't take picture!

To be honest, when I was being told of that, I wanted to cry there and then for you. But I figured I had to show a brave face, because I guess that's what you needed. Someone who'd just listen and not affect you emotionally. Someone who is just...there. I can tell you straight that if you cried, I would've cried with you. I sincerely hope everything goes out well. I'm glad that you were actually courageous enough to tell me; knowing that wasn't actually a moment to be proud of. 


I must sleep now.


Monday, March 16, 2009


First, lolcat!


But knowing me, I won't do so. You know I'll go. Crap. NERRRRRRD. Gahahahaa.

Love will lead you back~ someday I just know that~ lalalalalala.

I tida buli tidur! Pukul brapa suda niiiihhh?! I want to sleep, but I can't. Can ka I don't go to morning class tomorrow? Malas yang terlalu. I need sleep. I'm sleep deprived. The past two weeks haven't been beautiful. They've been hectic, stressy, sleepy, lazy, crazy, rainy, and most of all, busy.

Of course it wouldn't be all that (and more) if I hadn't done things at the very last minute. As usual lah. I'm actually starting to think that maybe I function best last minute. Not all the time, but most of the time. Maybe last minute's my thing. I have a thing. And it's being last minute.

I know I'm a nerd. But in a good way. I abide by the rules. The petty ones, like don't throw rubbish unless in a dustbin. Orrrr, I always have to have please.

You know what I think a girl/gal/lady/Laydeeehhh/Sexy hot momma/chic,chics,chix,chica/ woman/perempuan should do? I think every *all of the above* should always always and always say "thank you" when someone opens/holds the door open for her. No matter if it's a lil boy, a old man, a friend, a boyfriend, your parents, some unknown person, you should just always say thank you. You'll never know, mana la tau, you may have just brightened up someone's day. Yes, just by saying THANK YOU.

And yes I'm a nerd. Because I do work well. Because I have to work hard. Because I need to work hard. I'm just really aiming for a scholarship for my degree. Insya-Allah. I've always admired my many many family members and friends who've shined (shone ka? Haha.) especially beginning SPM till now. They're very lucky, very blessed to have such a brain. Gosh.

And I know a reason why my money finishes so fast. If I wait, and waiting in a mall, I spend money. So don't let me wait, cause then I'll have no money to go jalan-jalan with you. Nah how la? Haha. But it's good that now, I can actually say to myself "I don't need it." Good kan? You can do it too! Just think of aaaalll the unnecessary things that you WANTED but didn't really need. And how much money you've spent on it all.

A lot of my kachings still go to food. All kinds of food. Yummmm. Hey, I NEED food. If you know me, you know I must have my food.


I'm hungry. Really.

I only had soup and garlic bread yang ultra crunchy for dinner. Tidak kesian?

Okay, to end the post, LOLCAT that made me LOLed!

Hahahahaha!! You know, Sharpie...The permanent marker...

this one! Haha.

Bah bah bah, tidur lah. Thank you blog  *pleased*


Friday, March 13, 2009

Piiiiikaaaaaa..... CHUUU!!


Teehee! :D

I did not forget aa! I remembered, and I kept reminding myself the whoooole day!

Happy 20th birthday my dearest friend, may He shower you with all the love, health and happiness any 20-year-old girl should have! Enjoy the start of your twenties (omigosh,TWENTIES.) and may the years ahead of you be one that's memorable and enjoyable. Let it be tough, because that's one way for you to learn! Let it hurt, because that's for you to grow stronger!

Hope you had a great day :)

Love always,

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tuesday, March 3, 2009



Oh my. I'm so tired of doing things last minute. I can't seem to get rid of the habit, though. It's like I am Procrastination and Procrastination is Me. 

If I do good by procrastinating, I'm sure I'll do EVEN BETTER if I start off early, no? Well I should think so.

Before anything else...LOLCATS! HAHA.

funny pictures of cats with captions

funny pictures of cats with captions

it's funneee! :D :D :D

Okay, so I'm not exactly free of assignments. Right now in my head is ... "Bah, suda la tu, go do your PR. Your Journalism drafts? Your News Reporting thingies? Plan for Photography? Prepare for Presentation Skills? Your STUDYING?" But la-di-da-di-da TA-DA! I'm still here.

Shit there's a zit on my face! And I'm facing MANY people tomorrow. GRRRHRRRHHRRR. (fyi, that sound can be made by grr-ing and breathing in and out loudly at the same time.)

Oh, last Saturday my classmates and I went for a trip to Bernama. I fed my at-that-moment hungry stomach with a little fried rice and cold nugget. Cis. At first it was cool...The fact that we actually had a field trip. Till we found out we were going with the school bus. The BIG ORANGE SCHOOL BUS. Luckily got air-cond.

So we arrived. The building was next to the National Library. Well dalam sikit lah. Got down the bus bla bla bla, we didn't even enter through the front door. We went through like...I don't know...Staff enterance? Got introduced to...What's his name, he's the something for Bernama. I couldn't hear 'cause I was at the back. Then we were told to go to the 3rd floor.

They had big lifts. And iklans of Bernama all over.

Okay then we arrived at the 3rd floor the Mr What's-his-name asked about 10 people to go with him. I was the 2nd batch to go in and watch the LIVE telecast of news from the control room. So...If you happened to watch the 10 a.m. news on Bernama (which I doubt any of you did), I was watching it happen! Eh wait...what? No, if you were watching Bernama at 10 a.m., I was in the control room watching how they made it happen! Eh...ya la!


So I found it cool and all that I actually got to see how a live news telecast gets done. Though I was only in the control room (I didn't know if we were allowed to take pictures, so I didn't...But it was all dark and had a lot of buttons and screens), and not in the studio itself. But it was cool. Like...We all pula nervous when the people started counting down to let the reader know they're going on air soon.

Then, we went to the Bilik Berita. I think it's called bilik berita. Or the office lah where they write their stuff and get their assignments from the assignments editors. It was how an office should look like, except with TV to watch news - from RTM1 and TV3. And little little rooms to do voice over recordings and video editing. 

That was it. Followed by an hour plus of Q&A. In the office. Standing up. Zainul just couldn't stop asking questions. -_-

Then picture time! Then go hoooome. Wasn't as fun as I expected. I was expecting to explore more, talk less.

Mel and Nash. And Me! :D

Ernie, Ally, Zety

It's called PUSAT Berita! Not Bilik Berita teehee.

I look weird here, but ya. That's Ally!

Stella and Haze!

And other pictures of everybody else in Facebook :)

Next week Baby will be a month old! Wah! So fast! Happy 1 month birthday Babyyyy! I still don't get to see you till Raya. Please don't takut me.

Before I leave,

Journalism 2
Two articles (draft) due next Tuesday
Zine (mini magazine) due next next Monday. Me thinks.
Corrections of 12 news scripts for radio and TV starting next Tuesday, due Thursday for presentation

News Reporting 2
Radio script recording to be submitted next Thursday in CD format. Can only start when scripts from Journalism is returned. Each news 2 versions. Total news : 6.

Fundamental Photography 2
Landscape photography (nature/architecture). Any ideas?

Presentation Skills
Presentation EVERY WEEK
This week: Present about your favourite car.

Public Relations 2
Correction for Research Proposal due this Friday.
Campaign Proposal due next Friday I think?
And 2 other proposals. I think.

Malaysian Studies
But I've got to start studying ;) (yea right).

All of which I might only do the day before.

OKAY! So. Stop me from procrastinating.

Azam baru. Startiiiing.... NOW!

Oh, Mel's birthday is tomorrow! BIRTHDAY CAKE BIRTHDAY CAKE! Buat bodo, buat bodo. Haha.