Saturday, July 23, 2011

Testing 1 2 3

So my exams are over.

My final paper I was first to complete. Before I could leave the exam room my lecturer said "you can still write some more". Thing is, I have nothing more to write. Like. Really. Habis suda. But okay. Anything la kan.

My 30-day blog challenge has been put on hold on the count of I have other more important things to do. Cheh kunun ja kan. Hehe.

My iPod Touch now is my friend, downloading every possible app I find useful/fun/cool to have when people swipe through it. I book movies, check money, check flight tickets, and blog! Apa ni, macam promote promote pula.

I have also managed to turn my iPod Touch into a phone, but it still needs internet connection which sort of defies the purpose. Wait, is "defies" even a word?

I really like this photo of Jojo

So yes. I really hope to start with the blog challenge once more. When I'm back in KK perhaps.