Thursday, January 27, 2011

Regina Ho.

I miss you plenty.
I miss talking to you.
I miss laughing with you.
I miss hanging out with you.
I miss our comfortable silence.
I miss the "I know what you're thinking" moments.

Where are you Best Friend?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cause its too funny.

Enjoy! Hahaha.

 (sengih)? (menangis)? hahaha!
 YAU??? Hahahaha! Kemaluan? Ish ish iiissh.

Si Yau lagi. Hahahaha!

Happy Thursday! :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hello Twenty Eleven

Dear 2010,

You ended just yesterday.
Just yesterday it was still December.
You've been kind for most parts.
Exciting, naughty, sexy, wonderful, memorable.
But then again 2010...
You've been really mean to me.
So much tears, so much moodless days and nights.
But also then again...
I turned 21 in 2010 (21 in 21 minus the 00 okay not making sense, carry on)
Ini la bah kan patutnya a 21 year old should go through. Kan?
Tidak kah?
Ya bah kan?
Nevertheless, I am thankful and glad for you 2010. You've taught me plenty.
Not sure whether I'll miss you, but I'll most definitely remember you. No doubt about it.

Hi 2011!
My name's Naz. Nice meeting you.
I greeted you with a small but FUN gathering at Tee's place.
We even sang a song for you.
Be kind to me this time 2011.
Kinder than your sibling before you. Be nicer, be stronger, be more exciting and memorable. I'd really appreciate it if you'd help me greatly in my studies dearest 2011. Oh and if you'd help make me less of a wimp and more of the SuperGirl that I am really supposed to be. (cheh cheh haha)
Be nicer to my family, and to my friends. Give them love, happiness, health and wealth. Teach them lessons in a less harsh way than 2010 did.
Provide us with smiles and laughters and memories to last a lifetime.
Make happy days last longer and painful upsetting ones past by faster.
Make money come by easier. Make shopping and eating more frequent. Hehe.
Provide us with more suns in the evenings cause us orang KK really miss the Tg Aru sunset.
I hope and I pray that you'll be kind to me 2011.
Insya-Allah, amin.