Saturday, May 26, 2012


I hate how frustrating this game gets me. The furthest I "ran" is 6.8 metres.

As you can see, I can barely cross the starting line.

6.8 metres was pure luck!


Thursday, May 24, 2012

The other day, I turned 23

On May 12th, I turned 23. What blessing it was when it was sun shiny on the day of my birth! Weather has been wet all week that week and it was great to have the sun and breeze that day.

I found many excuses to make my birthday last longer.

1. Birthday "celebrations" started at 5pm London time - because it was 12am in Malaysia.
2. And again when the clock struck 12 in Hatfield
3. Around 1.30 am when Carl, Ness, and Nic came over to surprise me with Cake!
4. The whole day spent packing while watching House MD
5. Upset that in Malaysian time birthday was over at 5pm London time. But since I was in UK it was still my birthday.
6. Had birthday dinner with friends at Wagamama.
7. At 11:45 pm announced that it was officially my birthday since I was born at 11:45 pm. Which really means my birthday only started at that time.
8. Refused to end my special day once the clock struck 12 on May 13th. And said that it was still May 12th in New York.

Even before my birthday came I was already upset that it would end and that I would have to wait another 365 days (God willing, InsyaAllah) to celebrate it again. So you see, my birthday is a big deal to me. I get upset when people I care about forget my birthday. I love getting wished and wishing myself happy birthday. I love feeling happy and feeling special. I love birthdays. I think it's important to feel special because you were born! I'm sure there's a purpose for you in life, yes?

I am still thinking of a birthday gift for myself.

I really want a Spinner 360.

On another note, I was at Westfield two days ago. Had the most amazing New York Cheese cake. Granted, I haven't had cheese cake in a really long time but oh my goodness it was mmmmmmmm.

I miss feeling like the only girl in the world.

Shaddap. I love this song.

Okay bye!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day Nine

Day 09: A picture of the person who has gotten you through the most.

Mau rotate dia tidaaaak ter-rotate rotate!

Skyping, because it's impossible to go through without it!

Easy. No need to think who!

Kununnya mau update setiap hari. Kunun lah, kunun. But instead got caught up with cleaning up and packing and catching up with Grey's Anatomy. How does Shonda and her team come up with such story lines?!

My favourite season finale is still Season 6's. Damn bikin takut!


I have been thinking a lot about my hair lately.
I really want to grow it out. Cause I've had short hair for too long. But knowing me, well you know me. I love getting haircuts. Sikit-sikit mau potong rambut. I love going to the saloon.
Maybe this time I'll just let my hair grow and go to saloon for... treatments? Mani/Pedi? Haha.

 I'm getting very anxious with results. Oh my. Two subjects has left me a little disappointed, but I did do my best. So let's hope for even better for my remaining two! I don't know how to calculate NMP. It is leaving me with serious questions.

I return to home sweet home in 12 days! That's two days less than 2 weeks. Extremely excited. Actually really excited to get on that plane. I love plane rides.

I still have not watched Avengers. I sedih!

Cannot wait to give Mr Harry Clever Potatohead (Izzy) a hug!


Friday, May 11, 2012

Eleventh Day of May Two Thousand and Twelve

Day 08: A picture that makes you laugh.

Somehow I thought it was damn funny to put on the hoodie backwards.
We were supposed to be three blind mice.

I forgot how much I love Agnes Monica.

It's my birthday tomorrow :) It's not even here yet but I'm already sad that I'd have to wait another year (God willing, Insya-Allah amiiiin) to celebrate my birthday again. I'm sorry but my birthday is a big deal to me!


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

30-Day blog Challenge: Continued!

Well okay I know it's been so long and I'm only up to day seven. Busy bah! (Kunun)

Day 07: A picture of your most treasured item.

 Okay I had so many treasured items I couldn't pick just one. I'm sure I have more, but it'd fill my whole table. So!

1. My Laptop.
2. My special edition Chelsea Maika Golden Half+flash.
3. My surprise gift; Blackberry 8520 kesayangan ku yang semakin uzur.
4. My iPod!! Tercinta.
5. My Fossil watch which I bought in Paris. Hahaha. I love that watch.
5. My Nikon D60. Which I think it's time to change the body.

What else is missing. My coloured pens, my markers, my colour pencils, my whole pencil case. My ring on my finger, my JPG perfume, my instant camera, my Fisheye, and so much more I cannot pick one aaaargghh!


Sunday, May 6, 2012



To say hello in Pirate:
Piratearrrguh (pronounced are-g-uh with emphasis on the are, usually with rolled r) Ahoy Matey (pronounced Ah-hoi mate-ey, is usually to another crew member)

The month of April was do or die.

Yes sure, April started off with a two week Easter break - which I was pretty sure He almost didn't want me to go anywhere. But that's another story.

My first few days in April was filled with baju formal shopping. Twas raining and cold! But I came back a happy girl with pretty stuff heeee. Then the two days after that was spent on attending interview sessions for the UKEC career fair at UCL grounds in London. I was a little late sebab I sesat-ed! One of the students yang was part of the urusing team told me to go to another building when in fact it was in a whole other building. Luckily I wasn't totally late and was not the latest.

The interview process was really interesting and definitely nerve-wrecking. Definitely. On the second day of the interview at Hyatt Regency in London, I treated myself with Primark. Of course la kan. A trip to London is never complete without going into Primark whether or not you buy things.

Next agenda during Easter Break was a short holiday with Cammie dearest.

We wanted to go out of the country, angan-angan Germany la. Greece la. That didn't go well.
Decided Paris. Disneyland! Also, didn't go well.
Wanted to go Harry Potter studios at Watford. Tickets were sold out till May.
Wanted to go to Stonehenge. No.
Wanted to do a theme park trip. Legoland-Thorpe Park-Alton Towers.

Ended up with only going to Alton Towers.

See why I say God didn't want me to go anywhere?


Spring was supposed to look like this:

We've had that for like. One week. Which was towards the end of March. Since then weather really has been gloomy and wet. Like this...

photo from

And it was even snowing+raining at one point of time!
England weather, why you fail me.

That certainly didn't stop Cammie, KiKi and me from going to Alton!

We stayed over at KiKi's for the night, asked KiKi all sorts of questions about tulangs and muscles and I got so fascinated by the Physiotherapy handbook!

Then, Cammie came over to Hatfield! And then the next day she balik and then it was work from then on for me.

The next two weeks proved to be terribly taxing. Between April 16th till April 29th, I had six assignments to complete. With my final project out of the way, the next biggest obstacle was to complete the Mass Comms Promotional website for UH. That one was my final assignment to submit, which was on a Sunday, April 29th.

The rainy weather was a friend and foe. It prevented me from going out to get food, but it also made me really sleepy which was such a challenge. Kesian, tidur tidak menentu bah during those two weeks. I just kept telling myself that it was the two final weeks of my life as an undergraduate.

It only hit me a few days ago, that it is really over. I am done with my degree. After almost 21 years of education, I am done with my degree.

Now that it's my month of May, all I've done was sleep, eat, watch TV, and pack. I am excited for Mum to come! Which is in 11 days!

Next step?

I don't know. A steady job for a few years. Then a Masters probably? Tingu lah. As Mummy would say, "Kalau masa dan duit mengizinkan, insya-Allah, buli baituuu"

I've already have a list of things I want to eat once I get back. Leaving UK will be bittersweet, but there is absolutely nothing like home sweet home.

"RAWR!" said Dino.

Happy month of May! My 23rd Birthday is in 6 days!

With love,
Nazie and Dino.

Take me to all those places I've never been, okay?

Rambut sudah panjang. Balik nanti mesti mau trim!